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About The Virtual Underground Railroad

The Virtual Underground Railroad community was created to lead people to educational freedom, just like Harriet Tubman led our people to physical freedom. 

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About Najah Roberts

Crypto Expert Najah Roberts started her journey in financial services 13 years ago with the intention of creating change in her community through finances and education. 

98% of financial service instruments were not created, nor designed for people of color to win. 

When Najah was introduced to Bitcoin, for the first time in her career she felt that it could be a valuable tool to help close the wealth gap, and change the financial trajectory of our communities. She quickly realized her purpose was to lead people to financial freedom through Cryptocurrency, similar to Harriet Tubman leading our people to freedom.

One of Najah's favorite Harriet Tubman quotes

"I've freed thousands of slaves, and I could've freed thousands more if they knew they were slaves" 

fueled the creation of The Virtual Underground Railroad. Najah has always known even though she's helped thousands of people change their lives financially, she could save thousands more if they understood they are not financially free.